Urological Department of Tbilisi Cancer Center offers a complete range of diagnostics and treatment methods for patients with urinary system diseases.

Here you can get consultations of highly qualified Urologists, examination of urinary genital organs, both laboratory and instrumental, including ultrasound, endoscopic, using firm as well as flexible modern-day endoscopic equipment, which implies the diagnosis of the smallest damage of the urinary system (ureter, urinary bladder, urethra) during visual inspection and biopsy if needed (for histomorphological research of the tissue material) which allows for accurate verification of the disease.

The treatment of urinary-genital organs in the Department is being conducted with medicinal methods, as well as the surgery of all scale and complexity is being done, in particular: transurethral surgeries of urether, urinary bladder and prostate with modern video endoscopic apparatus of “OLYMPUS”, radical surgeries during testis, prostate, urinary bladder, kidney tumor, including formation of artificial urinary bladder from the intestinal loop. 

The Urological Department of Tbilisi Cancer Center is closely cooperating with German Urological University Clinics, which allows patients to consult with German specialists and go to partner clinics for further treatment if needed.


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