Surgery of throat and neck

The main directions of the head and neck tumors are:

Taking into account the localization (upper and lower lip, eyelids, nose, hairy part of the head, cheek) of various tumor (benign or malignant) formations of the skin and soft tissue in the head and neck area and the morphological genesis (keratosis, papillomas, epidermoid cysts, nevus, hemangioma, lymphangioma, squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma) of the disease, the reconstructive surgeries of the eyelids, the removal of the formations from the lip with reconstructive restoration of the defect, the resection of the tumorous pathologies from the nasal area with combined restoration of the nose, wide excision of the formations from the hairy area of the head, if necessary, along with the subjacent bone tissue (in combination with neurosurgeon)

Different types of treatment of thyroid gland pathologies – nodular goiter, (adenomas, colloid nodules, autoimmune thyroiditis and etc.). toxic goiter, diseases of thyroid gland – with atypical retrosternal location, malignant (papillary, follicular) tumor (with metastases or withour metastases in the neck area) of thyroid gland - in accordance with the disease development stage.

List of surgeries: hemithyroidectomy, thyroidectomy, thyroidectomy by resection of retrosternal component through mediastinum, in case of malignant analogy of the disease, thyroidectomy by conducting paratracheal or complete (if needed - bilateral) lymphodissection.

Surgical treatment of middle and lateral cysts of inborn anomalies of the neck - cystectomy through the resection of the hyoid bone, cystectomy through the neck.

Mumps, surgical treatment of pathologies (calculous disease, benign or malignant diseases) inframaxillary and sublingual salivary glands -- subtotal resection of mumps gland with preservation of facial nerves, parotydectomy – full resection of mumps gland with preservation of facial nerves, extirpation of inframaxillary salivary gland, extirpation of sublingual salivary gland, in case of malignant metastasic pathologies parotidectomy of wider scale surgeries with lymphodissection, extirpation of sublingual salivary gland – conducted with lymphodissection;

Sinus of nasal cavity, supramaxilla and its additional sinuses, surgical treatment of different types of benign or malignant pathologies of frontal cavity – polypectomy from nasal cavity, highmorotomy polypectomy, frontal-forehead antrum resection.

Surgical treatment of different pathologies (malignant or benign) of skull, face – upper and lawer jaw, alveolar bones – cystectomy with resection of tooth root, cystectomy from the upper and lower jaw area, partial resection of upper and lower jaw bone;

Surgical treatment of benign or malignant diseases mucos membrane of tongue, cheek, oral cavity basal ridge – partial resection of tongue, excision of the formaton from the tongue, cheek, oral cavity and facial area, conducting lymphodissection in case of malignant pathologies.

Treatment of diseases of ENT organs guttur, pharyngonasal cavity, laryngeal pharynx and throat (benign or malignant) – excision of formations, polypectomia from different parts of face, diverticulitis dissection from the facial area with reconstruction, polypectomy from the throat area with endoscopic approach;

Treatment of malignant oncological diseases of throat - planned tracheostomy, laryngectomy, laryngectomy with lymphodissection.

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