Reanimation - Anesthesia

The Anesthesiological Department of Tbilisi Cancer Center is equipped with modern anesthetic apparatus (Drager Fabius Plus, Mindray), with gas analysis indicator, cardiomonitors, infusators, invasive cardiomonitors.

Anesthesiological service provides patients with appropriate medical care both in hospital and in outpatient conditions (gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy).

Operations are carried out using different methods of anesthesia: anesthesia, general balanced anesthesia, regional anesthesia, spinal and epidural anesthesia, double-anesthesia.

Our priority is the safety of patients at all stages of their diagnosis and treatment. Before the surgery, the acuteness of patient's condition is being assessed, pre-preparation for anesthesia and surgery, the anesthesia plan is developed, taking into consideration the patient's psychological and somatic condition.

Our goal is to minimize risks associated with anesthesia and surgical intervention, which leads to rapid rehabilitation of the patient.


Khatuna Chaganava Doctor Anesthesiologist, Medical doctor 598 166 595 Write a letter Details
Natia Kereleishvili Anesthesiologist, Medical doctor 577 780 905 Write a letter Details
Madona Oragvelidze Resuscitation, Medical doctor 599 922 626 - Write a letter Details
George Melitauri Resuscologist, Medical doctor 593 819 909 Write a letter Details
Lia Kobiashvili Resuscologist, Medical doctor 551 139 139 Write a letter Details
Gia Tsilosani Doctor Anesthesiologist-Resuscologist, Medical doctor 595 000 776 Write a letter Details