Intra-surgical radiation therapy has been introduced in Tbilisi Cancer Center since November 2012 and the "Intrabeam" apparatus was introduced in the operation of the institution, which is tested in the world's leading oncological clinics. Radiation is being directed directly in focal point of disease, during the surgery, with the latest "LIAC" device.

The method, in the course of surgery, after the removal of tumor formation, through placing the specially chosen applicator of intrabeam means one-time radiation for 20-30 minutes.

Intra-surgical radiation therapy allows the cancer cells to be destroyed in the 1-2 cm diameter around the applicator, which prevents the development of recurrence.

Unlike the general radiation therapy, at the Tbilisi Cancer Center, irradiation is directed on the focal point of the disease that protects healthy tissue from unnecessary exposure.

"Intrabeem" saves time and money for the patient and cares about his/her psycho-emotional condition.