Proctologic direction is functioning in Tbilisi Cancer Center, where high-qualified doctors treat patients in all nosology existing in proctology, by conducting both conservative as well as surgical operations such as: Hemorrhoid disease (all stages), chronic split anus, rectal fistula, anal polyp, rectal polyp, coccyx epithelial spaces, proctocele, rectal prolapse, rectovaginal fistula. Unlike other clinics, in the Tbilisi Oncological Center hemmoroidopexy wth “Longo” approach is being conducted, which means easier rehabilitation period. The main purpose of the Department, as well as of the Clinic is – as many recovered/healed people as possible!


Nino Bziava General Surgeon, Onco Surgeon (Proctologist Assistant), Medical doctor 595 424 900 Write a letter Details
Beka Kevlishvili Proctologist, Medical doctor 599 106 472 Write a letter Details
დავით კალანდაძე მედიცინის დოქტორი, პროქტოლოგი - - Write a letter Details