In the Tbilisi Cancer Center, the Department of Eye Diseases has been existing since 2012. Iis head is the ophthalmologist Malkhaz Chikovani. The Department is staffed with professionals who have great experience and who have obtained education in different countries of the world. The department is equipped with modern equipment that allows to conduct all types of ophthalmology examination and both conservative, as well as surgical treatment of patients.

We offer general ophthalmology examinations:

  • Visometry
  • Autorefractometry
  • Tonometry
  • Biomicroscopy
  • Ophthalmoscopy

Also additional examinations:

  • Ultrasound examination A and B Scanning
  • Computer perymetry, determination of visual field
  • Gonioscopy
  • Examination and capturing the Retina Peripherals;

Also, pur Clinic provides the following:

  • Ultrasonic surgery of cataract (without any stiched)
  • Anti-glaucomatic surgeries – with lasor or surgical method
  • Surgeries of the eyelids
  • Surgeries of strabismus
  • Restoration of lacrimal passages patency - dacryocystorhinostomy with laser method, with control of endonasal endoscopy.
  • Retinal Laser Surgery - laser coagulation during retinal membrane macrovascular and dystrophy diseases.




Eyesight acuity determination


Echo-biometry of eye (A Scannig)

Ultrasound examination of eye (B Scanning)

Schirmer test

Computer perimetry




Syndrome of a dry eye

Trauma and burns of the eyeball and the surrounding parts

Acute and chronic diseases of the front section of the eye

Refractive anomalies (myopia, long-sightedness, astigmatism) and strabismus;

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Anna Jolia Ophthalmologist, Medical doctor 551 170 330 Write a letter Details
Tamar Gedenidze Medical doctor, Laser surgeon 577 588 895 Write a letter Details
Sophie Mirtskhulava ophthalmologist, Academic Doctor of Medicine 595 438 888 Write a letter Details
Mikheil kurtanidze Medical doctor, Ophthalmologist - - Write a letter Details