All types of diagnostic tests and surgeries related to Breast Cancer are conducted in the Mammological Department of  Tbilisi Cancer  Center. The department is staffed with highly qualified experienced specialists, who treat patients with modern approaches and technologies. In the Mammological Department, all types of reconstructive surgeries are also being performed.

For the first time in Georgia, innovation was introduced in the surgical treatment of Breast Cancer by the Prof., Doctor of Medicine, Irakli Sikharulidze, in Tbilisi Cancer Center. From 2016 the method of labeling the sentinel lymph node has been successfully functioning in the Clinic.

A special substance is used to detect the Sentinel lymph node, which is created using nanotechnologies. It is absolutely safe and is not characterized by complications.

The drug is being accumulated in the nearest lymph nodes near the tumor and its localization is determined by a special device. If the above mentioned lymph node is not metastasically damaged, there is no need to remove nodes.

Accuracy rate of the method is 98%;

This method is used in the surgical treatment of Breast Cancer in the US and Europe's leading clinics for more than 10 years. Also, the method is widely used in treatment of melanoma.

From November 2012, in Tbilisi Cancer Center, the introperative radiation therapy irradiation is being done using the high-power source "LIAC" latest device in the course of the surgery.

To compare distant radiation therapy, one-time introperative irradiation is being applied directly on the tumor bed, which protects healthy tissue from unnecessary exposure.

It is noteworthy that using this method, the next stage of the patient's treatment takes place in a shorter period of time. Introperative radiation therapy saves time and money for the patient, because in some cases it does not require additional distance radiation therapy.


Irakli Sikharulidze Surgeon-Mammologist, Clinical Manager, Professor, Academic Doctor of Medicine 599 395 115 - Write a letter Details
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Eka Baramadze Mammologist, Medical doctor 593 915 242 Write a letter Details
Lela Bachilava Oncologist, Mammologist, Medical doctor 599 437 465 Write a letter Details
Ketevan Kenchuashvili Gynecologist (Assistant of the mammologist ), Medical doctor 599 475 274 Write a letter Details
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