Recovery (plastic) surgery

Modern research shows that after the plastic surgery, the quality of human life is improving, self-esteem increases and the old negative complexes disappear. After the surgery, patients become more optimistic and more fit for work.

Department of Plastic Surgery exists in the Tbilisi Oncology Center since 2014. At this stage the Department the following is being conducted:

  • Plastic surgeries of nose
  • Resection of nasal septum
  • Rhino-septo plastic (Plastic surgery of nose along with the resection of nasal septum)

The department is supervised by plastic surgeon – Alexandre Khelashvili, who has 40 years’ experience of working in surgery department and during this time has conducted over 12000 surgeries. Alexandre Khelashvili was granted the highest category status of doctor-surgeon in 2009. 


Alexander Khelashvili plastic surgeon, Head of Plastic Surgery Department, Medical doctor 592 657 272 Write a letter Details
Lana Chebichashvili Assistant of Plastic Surgeon, Head of Administration, Medical doctor 555 947 431 Write a letter Details