Allergology for children and adults

In the Department of Child and Adult Allergology, both outpatient and stationary patients have the possibility to consult with allergologist and undergo treatment. Allergy diagnostics (skin allergic testing) is also performed on specific allergens, as well as on medicine. In case of need, stationary patients are given pre-operational premedication.

Manana Sosiashvili, Doctor of Medicine, Child and Adult Doctor-Allergologist has been working in Tbilisi Cancer Center for 5 years already. Where patients are given:

Medicamentous treatment;
Management and cure of anaphylactic reactions;
Treatment of medicamentous allergy;
Bronchial asthma - diagnosis and treatment;
Urticaria and kinquie swelling - diagnosis and treatment;
Utricaria and quinsy swelling - diagnosis and treatment;


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