The Nursing Training Center is functioning on the basis of Tbilisi Oncological Center, where nurses are able to pass subsequent theoretical, as well as practical life-long education training courses in all the profile areas.
The Nursing Service is carrying out the quality care of the oncologic patient according to modern standards at all levels:

  • Prevention,
  • Post medical treatment intervention care,
  • Rehabilitation, home care;

Training of nurses is conducted both in groups and individually. Training courses include all the necessary information needed to develop basic concepts, methods, principles and facts of care for the patient.
At the stage of theoretical study - the listener will be provided with appropriate nursing literature, mouldings and additional illustratives.
Trainings in oncological directions are conducted for nurses, caregivers, patients and their family members. (Individually)

  • Oncological Patient Nursing Management and Care,
  • Teaching methods of patients’ home care,
  • Teaching the skills of self-care (for patients and his/her family members)
Nursing management and care of palliative patient at the first and second levels of medical service;